• Grishko Pointe Shoes

    There is a shoe for everybody!

    Grishko Pointe shoes are handmade in a dedicated factory in Moscow, Russia. Each style of pointe shoes is available in sizes 1-8.5, in 5 widths, 4 hardnesses. Any any Pointe shoe can be customised.


    The High Tech SHoe

    Grishko’s latest High- tech innovation, combining all the best features of the amazing 2007, plus new features such as:

    -an integrated polymer shank and platform,

    -broader platform,

    -longer side wings,

    -broader sole,

    -super new light glues, and

    -wonderful soft internal padding.

    -All this means that the shoe is quieter, and more durable than the original 2007.

    The pre-arched plastic shank does not require breaking in, and SHOULD NOT BE MANHANDLED

    A U-shaped medium vamp with a drawstring, medium platform and machine-stitched suede sole.

    This anatomical form is extremely supportive and comfortable for all kinds of feet.

    This shoe is suitable for more advanced dancers, not beginners. Beginners would be better (if well prepared for pointe) with the Novice or standard 2007

    It is not suitable for a foot with an extreme arch, or one with very short toes without modifications to the shank or vamp. (See custom orders)

    If a dancer likes the 2007 but needs something quieter, she should try this new DreamPointe. If she wants something more really lightweight, flexible and quiet, she may like the 2007 Pro Flex

    Size: 1 - 8.5

    Width: X; XX; XXX; XXXX; XXXXX

    Shank Strength: SF, MF, HF, SHF,