• Grishko Slippers

    Grishko make a wide array of ballet Slippers, Available in Canvas, Satin, Leather, Full sole, Split Sole and Vegan options. The Model 6 Performance slipper is the most popular here in the UK, and is stocked by many Grishko Stockists. Also popular is the Synergy. They are available in 6 widths, A-F, but the most popular width is C fitting. Most stockists stock C, but they can order A, B, D, E

    Model 6 Canvas Ballet Slippers

    Creating beautiful lines with comfort

    Beautifully tailored canvas slipper with integral elastic running along the arch to create a perfect line

    Synergy Ballet Slippers

    Soft and stretchy- super comfort

    Canvas forefoot with stretch cotton heel area, integral drawstring elastic, crossover elastic and padded soles make for sublime comfort. C & A fittings the most popular. Sizes 33-46 in pink, black and white.

    Satin Full Sole Slippers

    perfect for exams

    The prettiest satin ballet slippers around, available with full or split soles. Comes with elastic drawstring and crossover elastics.

    Sizes 26 -32 in A & B widths, Sizes 33-43 in A. C, E widths- C is most commonly stocked

    Little Star- Child's Ballet Slippers

    for the aspiring young dancer

    A luxuriously lined and padded leather slipper for the young ballerinas. Minimal seams, comfortable elastic drawstring and pre-sewn elastics make for a special shoe

    Vegan Ballet Slippers

    many styles available with non-leather soles

    You can order almost any of our styles in a vegan option. We hold small stocks of Model 6 Split sole in canvas , and model 5 full sole in satin and canvas. it is best to visit your local grishko stockist and try on a pair of our standard slippers for size, and then ask them to order the vegan option in. Or, you can buy here


    Gym Toe Shoes

    worn by the british and russian olympic team

    Lovely neat, durable, protect and secure gym toe shoes suitable for rhythmic gymnastics and contemporary dance. The most popular model, held in stock, is the Alina