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    Demi Pointe / Exam Shoe

    A small tagline

    Esther Juon has always suggested (and we agree) that demi-Pointe shoes (soft blocks/ exam shoes) are a wonderful aid in preparation for pointe as they strengthen the feet and ankles, help with balance and get the foot used to working in a confined space. We also feel that this ultimately makes fitting and wearing a pointe shoe easier! See FAQ for more detail on this point.


    Thus shoe is made on the same last as the 2007 with U- shaped vamp and drawstring.


    Size: 1 - 8.5

    Width: X; XX; XXX; XXXX; XXXXX


    Never try and go onto Pointe in demi Pointe/exam shoes

    Novice Pointe Shoe

    Pointe Shoes especially for beginners

    The Perfect shoe to start you off on Pointe work. Based on the 2007 last, but a bit softer and more flexible everywhere, to get the dancer used to working through the shoe. However, this shoe does have enough support, and owed be better for a beginner than our really soft 2007 Pro Flex- which is not designed for beginners as it does not offer enough support. Ideally dancers should prepare for Pointe using the Demi Pointe/ Exam shoe for 6-12 months, and then progress to the Novice, and later the full Pointe of the 2007 or other style.


    Size: 1 - 8.5

    Width: X; XX; XXX; XXXX; XXXXX