• R-Class- pure style and quality

    There is a shoe for everybody!

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    Bringing you the latest collection

    Supreme Elegance and Comfort

    We are so excited to have become UK distributors for R-Class and their latest innovative Collection . We bring 2 different styles of super quiet Pointe shoes, (to cater for all feet shapes), and Demi- Pointes for great strengthening and preparation for Pointe.

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    The RC Collection

    Handmade to the highest standard in a dedicated factory in Moscow.

    We bring you 3 shapes from the RC-Collection. They all feature:-

    Unique elegant design all without toe pleats enhances the sleek line.

    Ultra-fine, micro-precision hand finishing, creates a perfect appearance

    Lightweight shoe, made from only natural materials

    Inspired design of the fore sole enables easy roll-through

    Pre-arched shank

    Innovative insole construction and materials increase longevity

    Complete double thickness stitching through both inner and outer soles improves stability and durability

    Cleverly embedded sole stitching is protected from abrasion.

    New delicate satin colour

    Elastic drawstring

    Durable non slip embedded sole

    6 widths

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  • Introducing R- Class Pointes

    Wheny we first brought out R- Class to the UK?

    A new flexible shank- available on RC22 and RC42