• Grishko Pointe Shoes

    There is a shoe for everybody!

    Grishko Pointe shoes are handmade in a dedicated factory in Moscow, Russia. Each style of pointe shoes is available in sizes 1-8.5, in 5 widths, 4 hardnesses. Any any Pointe shoe can be customised.


    Elegance on a slender arched foot


    This releve model pointe shoe features a deep, V-shaped vamp and tapered box. The Vaganova provides support for those with longer toes, or tapered toes , and is an ideal shoe for a dancer with narrow feet or heels, and with high flexible arches.

    On the appropriate foot, this is a most elegant pointe shoe.

    For dancers who need this shape of shoe, but want something more flexible and quieter, they should try the Vaganova Pro Flex.

    Size: 1 - 8.5

    Width: X; XX; XXX; XXXX; XXXXX

    Shank: SS, M, H, SH